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Mission 05: Glowfish by Yunaleska1
Mission 05: Glowfish
Mission 005:
Scholars all over this world seek to build the ultimate encyclopedia. You can help by submitting your art and information on the beasts you encounter. Both artists and writers may co-op together and multiple entries can be accepted! Remember to log the species, behavior, diet and region and whatever else you think is important~!
XP granted: 50+

Species: Glowfish - (two types. Underwater is pure physical attack type. Above water on the beaches they are able to use fire magic).
Behaviour: They are the aggressive sort. But their downfall is not being the type to pay attention to their own status. They will just attack attack. They are susceptible to confuse and sleep. They can caste Haste on themselves. So I advise giving them a status effect!
Diet: They like meat. They lure their victims with all those pretty lights and then *screeeeeeeeee!* *CHOMP!*
Region: The underwater ones are mainly around Taro. But they can also be found on some beaches but become harder to find the further away from Taro you get.

This is my second entry. I've been wanting to do another one for a while now. I have quite a few ideas. I love making up creatures and now I'm sure I can just make the more the merrier then I wanted to do this fish. I hate those freaky fish with those eyes and teeth! So wanted to do one greatly influenced by it but with lots of lights.
I don't want to face this fish in FF. Ghastly things.

This is for :iconfinalfantasydeviants:
The day had really not gone as planned. In fact, it had gone terribly wrong. Eletha was stood in the middle of a road, weaponless and penniless. Even her armour was gone. She scrunched up her face in frustration, her brow knitted as her body began to tremble, her hands raising up to grip the sides of her head. Her eyes closed tightly as she pressed her hands over her ears, trying to control herself, before her eyelids flew open, her purple gaze ablaze. If people passed by her, they’d feel a frightening aura from her. She was absolutely raging! How did this happen? Everything was stolen! Some thief got the jump on her while her guard was down and the next thing she knew she was waking up with nothing but the clothes she wore. Even the photo if her family she kept so she would never forget their faces and her precious necklace were gone. Her mother’s memento.

“That…that…” she struggled not to call the thief a name. She was going to hound that thief like a damned dog!

She didn’t hesitate. She used her agility, silence and intelligence to track him. It took her a few hours and she almost thought she would never find him. But eventually she did. At long last she could see him on his way to enter the next town with a large smirk on his face. She knew it was him. How? Because he was equipped with her things!

“I’m….” she ground her teeth and hissed, “I’m going to KILL him.”

The next thing the notorious thief, Zero, would have known was a flying kick through the air at his head. He felt it coming, of course, and ducked low and rolled aside as Eletha landed gracefully on her feet, her back to him.

“Oh?” Zero smirked again, clearly amused, “Come to retrieve your things? Sorry. It doesn’t work that way.” When Eletha turned around though, he knew she meant business. Her face said it all. Her eyes were wide, and almost psychotic. Her expression was so dark even he almost faltered.

Her attack on him was swift and dangerous so he backed off towards the town, trying to fend off her blows. It didn’t affect him so much as he was well armoured and had weapons, but he didn’t feel like pulling the elf’s own bow and arrow on her. It seemed rather pitiful seeing as she had no armour or weapon. He decided he would wait until she slowed down from fatigue as he was sure it wouldn’t take too long at the rate she was going. He had obviously stolen something very precious to her for her to act as rashly as she did.

His cockiness was what got the better of him though. It wasn’t long before he made one wrong move. A misguided step on the grass beside the road that wasn’t even. In fact, it was a little hole hidden by the cunningly long grass that had been cut to the same height as the rest of the grass to hide the fact a hole was there at all. As he fell, Eletha saw the opportunity and hit him around the head with her foot. It wasn’t hard enough to cause a lot of damage, but it was enough to disorientate him completely. He fell with a heavy thud and looked like he would pass out. And he did.

With a scowl on her face, Eletha pulled off all the equipment he wore. As some people walked by, staring, wondering if the man needed help, Eletha frowned at them, “What are you looking at? These are mine.” The passersby quickly hurried on as she put on her armour again. Once she had found everything but the necklace, she dug around under his clothes desperately. She couldn’t find it in any pocket. Nothing of great value seemed to be on his person. So she patted him down and soon heard a jangle around where his trouser pockets were. But there was nothing in them.

She considered carefully where they could be before she felt herself blush, her face turning into a frown as she grumbled, “Seriously…” she looked around to see if anyone was coming by before taking down his trousers a bit. He had some tight shorts on so no one would know he wore anything underneath his trousers and it had a single pocket. She put her hand in, completely embarrassed while she fished around in there, and pulled out rings, bracelets, broaches and necklaces. Amongst them was her necklace. Her heart pounded in excitement only to find the necklace seemed to have tangled itself with the other jewellery.

“DAMMIT,” she growled, fumbling with the chains, “Stupid damn things.” For what seemed like forever, she managed to get it untangled. As the last chain came free, she saw the thief opening his eyes with a groan. Not wasting any time, she threw the jewellery he had stolen into his face and took off at a run away from the town. Zero sat up, holding his head, and watched her run, the jewellery falling from his face onto his lap. And he chuckled to himself, “How interesting.”
Mission 015 - Notorious Thief Zero
Mission 015:
The notorious thief, Zero, has struck again and his target is YOU! All of your money and equipment are gone! It's time to track him down and get it back. When you confront him, you see he has your inventory equipped. You may write, draw, OR cosplay this mission.
XP Granted: 75+


I wanted to a less serious one for once. Imagining Eletha getting seriously angry is rather amusing. Never mess with her and her necklace. Seriously. Haha.
And I felt like doing a quick little pic for it. Just a simple one. Yeah... I quite like simplicity sometimes.

Eletha belongs to me. And she is part of the group :iconfinalfantasydeviants:
Eletha sat around a campfire with a group of people who had gone on a camping trip. She had come across them when travelling over some high hills covered in scattered groups of trees. She had been walking for a while so had welcomed the invitation.

The group consisted of two girls and two guys in their late teens and early twenties. It was early evening, with the sun having set an hour or so before. The closest girl called April, and youngest at eighteen, handed Eletha a warm cup of tea. The elf woman took it from her with a thank you and blew on it before taking a sip. The people before her were all humans so despite being older she looked like she was in her late teens herself.

The group chatted to her as if they were friends already, then began exchanging stories with her before finally the other girl called Candice, who Eletha found out was twenty, turned to her and asked, “Have you any nice stories to share with us?” Her long auburn hair blew in her face a little so she pushed it behind her ear with a smile on her face, her eyes curious. Eletha watched her for a moment before opening her bag and fishing through it. She soon found her purse which had a side pocket to it. She unzipped that and pulled out a beautiful, dainty necklace with small dazzling gems decorating the silver chain. The girls seemed to perk up at its appearance while the boys just watched, waiting for her explanation.

After she stared at it for a few seconds, she held the necklace in both hands and sat up, with a small smile on her face, her eyes soft filled with a mixture of happiness and melancholy. Happy because of the fond memories, but sad because they ended so abruptly.

“I was given this by my mother when I turned thirteen. Thirteen, the first year of truly becoming a teenager. My mother saw this as a point of growing up. She, too, had been given this necklace when she herself had turned thirteen,” Eletha said, raising her eyes to look at the group around the cosy fire, “Though I liked to hunt as my father and twin brothers did, my mother wanted me to dance. She was a beautiful and graceful dancer and well loved. Her performances at our festivals and celebrations were ones to marvel at.
She would give me lessons most every day, and her voice was so melodic that I would find myself dancing to her songs when she wasn’t looking. I grew to love and appreciate the art much against my own wishes. I began to perform myself when I turned ten, but thirteen marked the time where my dances would become much more complex and elegant. I soon was admired, and I remember the cheers and praises I received when I look at this necklace. But most important of all is I remember my mother’s face, words, and beauty. Her laughter, her love. When I first received this necklace, I wore it every day. I was so proud to have it and admired it in awe, I wanted  everyone else to see it.

However, unbeknownst to me, my mother had kept a secret about it from me. It was only a month later that I went to buy some materials for my mother when the shop owner said to me, ‘So who are you marrying?’ I was so shocked, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t say a word. My expression must have been one of confusion, for the man explained, “That necklace is one to say you are going to be wed.”

I must say, I almost forgot to buy the materials. I wanted  to run home. The man reminded me about what I had come for, so as soon as I bought them, I ran all the way home and when I saw my mother I almost yelled at her, demanding to know what he meant! She just turned around to face me and laughed, rubbing the back of her head with a sheepish look on her face before she admitted that originally it was a necklace given to the daughter who will be betrothed, because lots of the marriages were arranged marriages back in the past, unless the daughter had a mutual love with another, in which case the necklace would mean she was going to marry that person she was in love with. But it had lost its meaning two generations back, with my grandmother. She had given it to my mother when she turned thirteen and told her she could start courting whomever she wanted  rather than be marked for marriage. So my mother intended the same meaning. She just failed to tell me what it really meant. Needless to say, the shop owner was apologetic to me and seemed wary of my mother. She must have gone to visit him and scolded him. He was known as a bit of a joker and liked to tease people.” Eletha found herself laughing at the memory and the girls laughed as well, while the boys chuckled amongst themselves.

“Why don’t you keep wearing it?” April asked, and Eletha just smiled gently at her, “It feels too precious. It is a memento of my mother and circumstances have changed. I am not courting, I have no one I love. But if there ever comes a time, I will wear this again proudly. I will even wear it on my wedding day, if that day should come.” She looked down at the necklace, finding herself grinning again, wider than she had in a while, and brought the necklace up to her lips, her eyelids falling closed as she pictured her mother’s awkward expression. To her, it was such a funny memory to look back on, and a lovely one. One where her life had been so vibrant, exciting and carefree, and the necklace constantly reminded her of that.
Mission 14 - Tales long passed.
Mission 014:
On your character's travels, they are invited to join in the exchange of tales long passed. Your character pulls a memento from their bag and tells their audience of fond memories.


Eletha belongs to me. She is part of the group :iconfinalfantasydeviants:
I thought 'how am I going to give her fond memories when her family and friends are all dead? Heeeerm....herm herm....
So this came to I was the top of my head. WHOOP to writing off the top of my head! If I plan things they generally suck lol haha.
Event - Eletha and Silvia by Yunaleska1
Event - Eletha and Silvia
I think there were two events from what I've read. Draw another FFD character. Then this one:
"...have fun celebrating our friendship by drawing other characters, writing a story with you and them having fun, or do a cosplay where you guys are having a swell old time"

I'm very sorry if this is not the case. It was fun to do this drawing anyway :)

Hope you guys like it.
Eletha (left) belongs to me.
Silvia (right) belongs to :iconturbok1000:
They are a part of :iconfinalfantasydeviants:
August Event - Mondie by Yunaleska1
August Event - Mondie
AUGUST EVENT - Draw another FFD member.

I hope this is okay. I've never done dark skin before so I have a lot to learn. I picked the colour from a Mondie pic so I hope it's accurate. Cry run 
Mondie belongs to :iconskyblitzhart:
He's 14...I can't draw teenagers...or PFT! I think I did ok happy cry XD 
And what is with me and GRASS?! I hate grass! Why do I do this to myself?Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

Mondie is part of :iconfinalfantasydeviants:

What do you think is the best part of my art? 

2 deviants said Clothes Design
1 deviant said Poses
1 deviant said Other (please comment)
No deviants said Colouring
No deviants said Shading
No deviants said Character Design
No deviants said The more anime look
No deviants said The more realistic look
No deviants said Backgrounds (lol)
No deviants said Nothing in particular :/


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